World Cup Odds

World Cup betting will be back at BetMGM in 2026!

Four years after France won their second all-time title with a win over Croatia in Moscow, Les Blues failed to become the first back-to-back champions in 50 years as Argentina won their first title since 1986.

And with the World Cup returning to North America for the first time since 1994, the 2026 World Cup should be a thrilling and potentially legendary four-week event.

How To Bet on World Cup Odds

It’s never been easier to bet online at the online sportsbook.

With a variety of wagers, including World Cup champion odds, match winner odds, and player props, there are betting opportunities for everyone regardless of soccer betting experience.

To place a bet on World Cup betting odds, visit the World Cup betting page, select the type of odds, and browse the numbers until you spot a favorable one!

World Cup Live Betting

When matches start in June 2026, live sports betting begins with World Cup live betting.

Available for each of the 64 matches from the group stage through the final, live betting allows customers to place live bets during the match. You can hedge on a future, increase your position from a pre-match bet, or place an entirely new bet.

World Cup Parlays

Parlays are a unique way to increase the excitement and potential payouts.

By combining multiple wagers into one parlay bet, your odds go up. For example, instead of – or in addition to – placing three separate $10 wagers with -110 odds apiece with a potential total payout of $57.27 if all three wagers hit, you could build one $10 parlay that could pay $69.57.

BetMGM is the King of Sportsbooks and the King of Parlays!

More Soccer Betting

Soccer betting doesn’t start or stop with the World Cup.

You can bet on soccer matches around the globe and around the clock. From MLS futures and Champions League odds to Premier League player props and Bundesliga parlays, there’s never a break in the action!


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