Tomorrow11:00 PM
Tatsuro Taira JPN
Jesus Santos Aguilar MEX
Fight Result (2-way)
T. Taira
J.S. Aguilar
Round Betting
T. Taira in round 1
T. Taira in round 2
T. Taira in round 3
T. Taira On points
J.S. Aguilar in round 1
J.S. Aguilar in round 2
J.S. Aguilar in round 3
J.S. Aguilar On points
Tie/Technical Tie
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Will the fight go the distance?
Gone in 60 Seconds
T. Taira to win in 60 seconds or less
J.S. Aguilar to win in 60 seconds or less
Method of Victory - 7-way
T. Taira by KO/TKO or DQ
T. Taira by Submission
T. Taira by Decision/Technical Decision
Tie/Technical Tie
J.S. Aguilar by Decision/Technical Decision
J.S. Aguilar by Submission
J.S. Aguilar by KO/TKO or DQ
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How will the fight finish?
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